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Changes to Highball’s Junior Coaching Program

From September we will adopt a new monthly subscription model for our Junior Coaching Program (inc. NICAS). Currently we operate a ‘pay as you go’ option for each 6 week block. The new model will be similar to other sports and coaching clubs e.g swimming and gymnastics. Once subscribed, your child’s place will be guaranteed until you or your child choose to leave the program.

Please use the button below to reserve your space. Any existing NICAS candidates attending our Bouldering or Climbing sessions will be given priority when signing up for the new subscription model. (If your child is currently not enrolled in the program, you can join the waiting list)

What it means for you
  • You won’t need to rebook every 6 weeks – many parents forget!
  • No risk of losing ‘your space’.
  • Automatic monthly payments, rather than a slightly larger commitment every 6 weeks.
  • Cancel at any time – no contract.
What it means for us
  • Able to operate the program more weeks of the year.
  • Easier to manage climbers progress through the NICAS scheme / Coaching program.
  • Reduced admin of the scheme.
  • Improved management of the waiting list.


After School Club

Ages: 8-13

Duration: 6 x 75 mins

When it is: After School, 4:30 – 5:45

What it is:  Bouldering is done on the soft padded mats. There aren’t any ropes or harnesses involved – instead, you’ll learn to climb back down once you reach the top. You don’t go as high up, but it’s still a real challenge!