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A Highball review of the Flashed Drifter crash pad

New Hire Pads at Highball!

Here at Highball, we pride ourselves that when it comes to climbing, we get it. So when a new product arrives at the centre, we like to make sure that we are happy before we let our loyal customers loose with them. This is especially important with our hire gear!

Grit season is upon us so we thought we should put our new Flashed Drifter crash pads through their paces up at Stanage Edge so you have the confidence in the equipment we offer.

Flashed have this to say about the Drifter crash pad “The Drifter is designed with standard luxury features and will be your trusty companion as you roam between your favourite bouldering destinations.” and we all felt we have to agree.

After a short walk to the crag, we were pleasantly met with feelings of comfort, simplicity and ease of use. The carry system was simple to use and felt comfortable on the approach thanks to the padded shoulder straps and waist belt. Additionally, the streamlined design made navigating narrow trails and rocky terrain a breeze.

Once there, we wasted no time and got the pads opened up and set up. We suffered no complications with the easy to use slip off straps and closure system. If anything, with all the metal hardware and easy to use buckles, getting prepared to climb was a simple affair.

When it comes to the design and durability, its robust construction is evident. The protective high-density foam core is encased in a rugged 1680d ballistic nylon shell, offering exceptional durability against abrasive surfaces, sharp rocks, and the rigours of outdoor use. If you know grit, you will know how abrasive this rock type is. After roaming the crag for a few hours and testing the limits of these pads, these pads still look good as new!

The heart of any crash pad lies in its ability to cushion falls, and the Flashed Drifter crash pad excels in this department. After a couple of initial falls, the high-density foam provided a reassuringly thick layer of protection, effectively dampening impacts and distributing the pressure of the fall evenly. Whether you’re taking a short fall or landing from a challenging highball problem, you can trust the Flashed Drifter pad to have your back.

In conclusion, the Flashed Drifter crash pad offers a winning combination of durability, cushioning, and portability and whether you’re a seasoned boulderer, or a novice looking for reliable protection, this pad delivers in spades.

If you are interested in hiring these, come speak to one of our friendly staff when you are next in for a climb. They will happily talk you through what we have to offer and answer any questions you might have.