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Adult beginners and anybody under 16 must be closely supervised when in the centre. Supervision can be provided by a trained member of the Highball team on a pre-booked climbing session, or an experienced adult climber.

All supervised climbers will need to complete their registration form via Capitan – our gym management software. For climbers under 18, the registration form will need to be completed by a parent/guardian.

First Visit

Is this your first time supervising someone? Well don’t fret, we have an easy process to get you and your guest set up and and on the wall!

Step 1:

When you first arrive at Highball Climbing Centre, make your way to reception where a member of the crew will be ready to greet you.

Step 2:

The crew will ask you to complete a few forms for us. This is to ensure we have all the relevant information on your guest and so they can agree to our rules of use and acceptance of risk. The supervising adult will also need to complete a supervisors form to confirm they are going to be responsible in making sure they abide by the centre rules

Step 3:

You will need to watch the ABC’s (Association of British Climbing Walls) safety video so you understand what to do and what not to do around the centre.

Step 4:

Get your shoes on, warm up and get climbing!

The Fine Print


“All climbing activities have a risk of serious injury. Participants must recognise that even if they follow all good practice there may still be the risk of accident and injury. It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to the conditions of use.” – The Association of British Climbing Walls (The ABC) Participation statement.

Whilst an indoor climbing centre is an artificial climbing environment, the risks involved are no less serious than when climbing outside in the wild. Participating in climbing activities necessitates putting yourself in a position where you could fall from a height. Any fall, whether controlled or not, risks a serious injury. There is also the additional risk that climbing holds can spin or break.

Bouldering is climbing without using a rope or harness for safety and therefore has increased risks – if you slip, jump or fall, you will hit the ground. You can minimise the risks by climbing down and stepping off. Soft flooring is installed at the base of the bouldering walls to provide a more comfortable landing, but IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR SAFETY. Accidents and injuries are common, even if you follow good practice and climb safely.


Supervising climbers must be 18+ and a competent and regular boulderer or climber. That means they have gained, through formal training or personal experience, the appropriate knowledge to climb safely in an indoor environment without supervision.  

Those under 18 are not permitted to supervise anyone, regardless of their experience.


A competent adult climber or boulderer (age 18+) who has completed appropriate registration may supervise:

  • Up to two guests (Novice/Junior Climbers) if both are over the age of 8
  • One guest if under the age of 8.
    Guests must be ‘signed in’ each visit by their supervising adult. Supervision must be provided in line with our Supervising Guests Policy at all times.

Professional Coaches and Instructors:
Groups of three or more can only be supervised by a professional coach/instructor holding the relevant training/qualifications. If you want to bring a group / use our facility on a commercial basis i.e you are being paid (cash or other) to deliver coaching, you must register as a ‘Professional’. Anyone found to be using our facility in a professional nature without prior agreement will be asked to leave. Returning to use the centre will be at the discretion of the Highball Management.


  • You must ‘check in’ at reception before taking part in any activity.
  • If you are not being supervised by a trained Highball Crew member, your supervising adult must sign you in as their guest at reception.
  • You must not belay, climb or boulder until you have been ‘signed in’ by an appropriate adult – as defined above.
  • You must make yourself aware of the risks and responsibilities involved in the activity.
  • There is a safety board in front of Reception with additional information about how to climb and boulder safely, and best practice notices are posted throughout the centre.
  • Climbing holds may spin or break at any time. This can lead to an unexpected fall, increasing the risk of injury.
  • You are not allowed to belay your supervisor (they must remain on the ground).
  • If you are aged 14 -15 and would like to boulder or climb independently – without supervision – you can apply for a Green Card once you have gained the appropriate experience. Speak to the Duty Team for more information.

The Duty Team are available if you have any questions or concerns.