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Here’s all the info you need if you’re a regular at another gym or experienced in climbing, but new to Highball..


First of all, if you haven’t climbed 6 times in the last 12 months, please contact us before registering so we can discuss your experience. If you think you might be a bit rusty you can book onto one of our intro courses, we’re sure you’ll end up a lot more confident on the wall.

How to start climbing at Highball in three easy steps:

Complete your Acceptance of Risk Form below. (We’ll do a competency check on arrival – it only takes a few mins)

When signed and completed, you will receive an email invite from Capitan (our booking software) to create your account with us.

Once you’ve activated your account, you can book your climbing session through your profile – look for ‘Book Session or Event’.

Complete this form if you are a Competent Boulderer, a few safety questions will be asked upon your arrival to the centre before your form is approved.

This form does not permit you to climb on our rope wall or auto belays.

If you are a Competent Roped Climber, please still fill out the above form to register. Then upon arrival, let the crew know you are looking to use our rope facilities so they can do a test of competency. This will include harness fitting, tying in and safe belaying. If successful a quick additional add-on form will need filling out.