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Private Coaching

Whether you are new to climbing, have reached a plateau in your ability or just want to be coached out of bad habits you may have picked up, our coaches are available to get you off on the right foot.

Below, you find a short bio of each of our coaches. Each member of our team offers a personalised approach to coaching based on a combined 15 years of climbing experience. Have a read, and see who best fits your requirements and simply send them a little email.

To get the best out of being coached, a minimum of 4 hours coaching is best spread over two 2 hour sessions although we would recommend 2 hours a week for 4 weeks.



“I have been climbing for roughly 8 years now and I enjoyed it so much from the get-go, that I instantly decided I wanted to make a career out of it. I started out instructing at outdoor activity parks, before getting a position as a coach/instructor at Highball in 2017.

I focus on having fun with my climbing and making that a priority on sessions; that and liberally spraying out a plethora of random facts. I’m a big lanky climber and thus enjoy climbing quite dynamically, slab is my nemesis. Currently, I’m trying to progress my crack climbing technique as much as possible when the blocs on the wall allow. 

Ginger power.”

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“I started climbing at Highball 6 years ago, having never tried any climbing before. I completely fell in love with the sport and changed my career to become a climbing instructor at Eastface Climbing Wall in Lowestoft for 4 years, before coaching here at Highball. Having started as a boulderer, I’m now a big fan of sport climbing and have even dabbled with some trad climbing outdoors. 
In my sessions I like to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for clients, enabling them to feel confident in their climbing which helps them to improve without pressure. My session’s focus is to observe weaknesses in clients climbing techniques and tailor their session on that, whether it be head game, body positioning, footwork or training to be stronger.”

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“I started climbing around 5 or 6 but was very quickly swept into the world of Judo, which became my full time sport. I’ve done Judo for over 17 years, coaching and competing for 10 of those at an elite level. I found climbing again and was immediately hooked and went straight into climbing 3-4 times a week.

My experience in Judo allowed me to know what my body was doing in specific situations on the wall and helped me adjust my climbing skills and technique. This also transferred onto climbing with my friends where I found myself constantly watching them climb and analysing their movement, studying the intricacies of their movement and body position.

My climbing style is quite powerful, being a little shorter than most male climbers, I tend to favour dynamic climbing and find ways in creating new beta specifically for my reach. The training side of climbing interests me, strength and conditioning are essential, alongside long term plans to become a stronger climber.”

To book coaching with Ollie:

Alterntiavely if you dont mind who runs your coaching session, you can book onto a Private Session here.