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NICAS at Highball

We currently offer NICAS Clip and our junior coaching clubs follow the NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) framework. For more details on the scheme, visit their website at



What it is:  NICAS Clip safely introduces young climbers into the indoor climbing environment using our auto belay systems while developing their awareness of climbing movements, improving confidence, and creating a pathway to additional climbing activities.

When it is: Weekends

Who’s it for: Children aged 6+

Duration: 6 x 60 min sessions

Price: £75.00


Highball Junior Coaching Clubs

Membership of Highball’s Junior Coaching Clubs is charged at £44 per month and we guarantee to run a minimum of 40 sessions throughout the year. The calendar for the year is available here. Members must be aged 8 years or older.

How to enroll

You can sign up to our Coaching Club below, but they are not recommended for absolute beginners as we expect commitment over several months or years. Anyone new to climbing should take part in one or more of the following sessions before deciding whether to commit long-term:

• Highball Play: Available all-year round, ages 6+

• Private Session: Available all-year round, ages 6+. Also suitable for families

• Bouldering School: School Holidays only, ages 8+

• Roped Climbing School: School holidays only, ages 8+

• Afterschool clubs: Available term-time Mon-Fri, ages 8+, 6-week commitment

More information and booking links can be found here for term-time and here for school holidays.



What it is:  Roped climbing is done on the big, tall walls at the back of the centre. Everybody wears a harness and is tied on to a rope. It involves teamwork, communication and a little bravery! All equipment is included.

When it is: Weekends – Minimum of 40 sessions per year

Who’s it for: Individuals aged 8-17

Duration: 75 mins

Price: £44 per month




What it is:  Bouldering is done on the soft padded mats. There aren’t any ropes or harnesses involved – instead, you’ll learn to climb back down once you reach the top. You don’t go as high up, but it’s still a real challenge!

When it is: Weekends – Minimum of 40 sessions per year

Who’s it for: Individuals aged 8-17

Duration: 75 mins 

Price: £44 per month


Membership benefits for you

• You won’t need to rebook every 6 weeks – many parents forget!

• No risk of losing ‘your space’.

• Automatic monthly payments, rather than a slightly larger commitment every 6 weeks.

• Two free climbs each month

• Cancel at any time – no contract.

Membership benefits for us

• Able to operate the program more weeks of the year.

• Easier to manage climbers progress through the NICAS scheme / Coaching program.

• Reduced admin of the scheme.

• Improved management of the waiting list.