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Comp and Squad Wall Reset

We’ve been eager for it, and we know you’ve all been waiting for it too. It’s finally happened. The comp and squad walls have been reset!

The routes were set by our in-house crew earlier this week, with the lovely Sam Whittaker coming in as guest setter. This includes a brand-new squad wall, which was originally reset a couple of weeks back.

A new approach:

It’s more of a circuit-style set than we’ve had in a while, so more similar to the rest of the centre, with plenty of 2s, 3s and 4s. We’re keen to know how you feel about this approach compared to the usual comp wall setting. There are also absolutely loads of routes – more than 80 at the last count!

Of course, we’ve treated you to a few more of the brand-new holds we unpacked earlier this year. They’re gorgeous and grippy in equal measures. Some of them can be seen on what Guy described as the “sweet purple one on the slab”.

We’ve worked hard to make sure there’s a wide range of styles on there, too. Pockety overhangs? Check. Technical little crimpy number? Check. Volumes only smear-fest? Triple check. The ones we’re most proud (and we think you’ll enjoy the most) of are signalled by a star tag – if you’ve got a favourite, please let us know.

Notes on Volumes:

For the Squad Wall (That’s the very back wall, after it turns the corner) is black volumes only. That means black volumes are in for every climb, and coloured volumes aren’t.

On the Comp Wall (the side wall that starts by the café) the rules change a little. Put simply, you can use any volume as long as there’s a colour from the climb on it. If there’s a blue hold on a green volume, then all green volumes are in for that climb. If you’re not sure, just ask!

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1 Response
  1. Just wanted to say that I’ve had a chance to climb on the new Comp-Wall set up a few times since it was changed up and I like it significantly more than the previous style! As a more intermediate > Great climber I think it’s way more engaging and a much better variety of climbing difficulties & styles.

    I really hope you keep up with this way of doing the comp wall!!