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Happy New Year!

New year, new… Well, lots of things.

Hello Highballers, and happy new year! We just wanted to let you know that we’ve got a bunch of exciting new things happening at Highball to kick off 2022 in style, so let’s jump right in:

New Holds:

Firstly, during the first few days back, we received loads of brand-new holds. It’s been one of the things most requested by you guys so it was really exciting when the delivery arrived. They’re a mix of X-Cult, Lapis, Core and Axis, with a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit all abilities and styles.

The friction on them is amazing and our team were positively giddy opening up the boxes. We’ll be slowly introducing them around the centre across all the zones so keep an eye out for them (they’re probably the brightest ones on the wall!).


New Zones:

On Monday, our team set new Zones 1 and 2 for you. We’ve got to say, we’re pretty pleased with the new routes. We’ve used a selection of the aforementioned holds (it was hard to not put them all on, but we want to spread them around the centre).

These zones were set by our in-house team. We’ve tried to keep a nice variety of styles with lots of beginner-friendly climbs on the zone 1 slab.  We also made sure to spread the new holds across a wide range of grades so that everybody gets a go on them.


New Stamina Wall:

We’ve also reset the stamina wall. It’s now chock-full of a nice range of grades, starting slightly easier than the last set all the way up to some brutal circuits that are sure to get even the strongest climber feeling pumped. A perfect way to kick-start your training for the year!

The gred route is particularly versatile – it’s set as a figure of 8 shape, but it’s actually possible to climb it as a standard circuit around the outer edges or as a mini one by just doing half of the board. It’s a useful set to have as a warm up as well as a finisher.


New Website:

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also have a new website! It’s cleaner, simpler and much easier to use on mobile than the one we had before. In particular, we’ve refreshed the Kids Climbing section and made it much easier to find the right course to book onto. We’ll be adding more sections in the coming months, but for now we’ve stripped it all back to the important bits. If there’s something you’d like to see added on there, feel free to email us at

(Don’t worry, logging in and booking is exactly the same as it was before, as that’s all done through your Capitan profile!)

Things that are not new:

It may be a new year, but here are a few things that have stayed put:

  • The Highball team
  • Our dog-friendly status
  • The amazing sausage rolls and cakes
  • Our quality coffee
  • Our eclectic taste in music

If you’re somebody who hasn’t visited us yet this year, we’d love to see you back! Whether you just took a break for Christmas or you haven’t been in ages, you’re guaranteed to have a great session back with a load of new things to try.

Simply log in to your Capitan profile to book a session.

See you soon!

The Highball Team